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:( Okay so Im with Lloyds TSB
Yesterday I transferred £100 from my esavings to my current account, I go to the shop and pay on my card - Declined

I double checked everything - I rang Lloyds up immediately, explaining what just happened and I had no idea where my £100 had gone. The guy on the phone explained to me that he had no idea but it was a card transaction and a further £600 is due to come out - However as it was a bank holiday, they couldn’t stop my card as that department was closed, now today I’m way over drawn, I walked into the branch and asked them to stop my card and they said they couldn’t as it would just carry over and make no difference, and to wait for more transactions to come out, I asked him if it was possible to reimburse the money once this is sorted and he said it is not 100% guaranteed I will receive it all back, and I might be liable for the bank charges!

Help me!


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    Don't know how long it takes to transfer eSavings. Scheque the terms to see if it is supposed to be instant.

    However, as regards to stopping the debit card, to suggest they are closed on bank holiday is a nonsense.

    The number on the debit card is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a week to report lost or stolen cards. Of course they can stop them.

    Now it's possibly too late. If you've authorised the transactions and they gone through, you will almost certainly be charged.
    If the transactions are proven fraudulent, then you should be ok.

    However, is it just a holding amount reserved against the card? Sometimes when you approach companies they reserve an amount but don't actually take it until later (or not at all).
    Car rental companies often do this, but other businesses do sometimes too.

    More details required as to what you know about what these possible £600 transactions refers to.
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    However as it was a bank holiday, they couldn’t stop my card as that department was closed

    You should complain about that as that is seriously wrong and a basic error that has possibly cost Lloyds money. Its the sort of thing they will want to know.

    I had my card used for some fraudulent transactions last year with Lloyds. They were great. I was put through to their fraud dept, they took the details of the fraudulent transactions and cancelled the cards immediately, refunded me within 24 hours and I had new cards two days later.
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