Seller asking me to cover postage shortfall

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Hi guys, I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this.

I bought an item on eBay for £0.99 and £3.99 postage. Received it today and apart from a couple of niggly things am fairly happy with it.

Have however received this message from the seller:
Hi there, i have posted the item yesterday, when i came to post it, postage came to £7, this means i have sold this at a loss, would you consider paying the diff so im not out of pocket
Now, I bought at a price I was happy with including postage, and the way I see it- it's the sellers responsibility to ensure their postage costs are correct at time of listing.

I'm not exactly the most diplomatic person on the planet though when someone annoys me, so can someone please help me to word a response? Would be much appreciated!


  • Well thats awkward! but at the end of the day the seller should have checked how much it would be to post an item (I have done this in the past with heavy items) So I'd be saying I am very sorry that you are out of pocket but It was your responsability to check how much postage would be and think its unfair to ask me to pay more, I bought item with the postage charges you stated. Hopefully the sellar will realise this, any backlash and I'd get ebay involved hth
    S xx
  • There's a saying on here, TSFE, meaning Too Stupid For Ebay or something very similar.
    Your seller is obviously TSFE if he/she cannot sell an item without incurring a loss.
    I would email back along the lines of, 'the contract between us was for you to supply the item for a total of 99p plus postage of £3.99.' You cannot now vary the contract after the sale is complete. '
    I might add something along the lines of, 'may I suggest you buy some kitchen scales so that you can calculate postage accurately before listing your items.'
    Don't let it bother you further.
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    ...or just ignore the message :)
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    I have dropped some real clangers in the past where I have underquoted postage. However, that is my fault and I have paid the difference and not mentioned it.

    Either ignore, or just send a note back saying that you paid the postage quoted. Either way, don't pay for their mistake
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    I agree with the posts above, I'd probably just ignore the request as that way you can't be seen to be unsymphathetic.
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    If you sell and buy on the same account I would block this person as well in case they think a bit of retaliatory auction wrecking would be a good idea.
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    As others ignore and block
  • Thanks guys- ignore it shall be! I've underestimated postage before myself and there's no way I'd ever consider asking my buyers to pay for my mistake.
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    What a cheek, I have only yesterday posted an item and paid a couple of quid more to post it than I charged the buyer.

    That was my error and I wanted to obtain a signature for the delivery, so it was down to me to pay it.

    I have no problem with that and will just have to check postage a bit more carefully in future.

    As already stated..... ignore and block.
  • Give the the seller their due... ok, they've made a mistake, but at least they were decent enough to post it without holding you to ransom over the extra ££, as some have been known to.
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