Help! Bidders are accusing me of shill bidding!!

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Ah! I have just had two people message me in the space of half an hour about the same item i am currently selling;

one says

what a pity,i see the activity with your "buyers" the bids have 100% activity and this means your friends are maybe pushing up the price of the dress?
that goes against ebay policies.
with proves people can report this cases
honest buyers have no chance to reach the dress with a fair a price if you go on doing this

a pity...

the other says

Hello i hate to say this and my apologies if i am
wrong but i was interested in purchasing the dress
but i wont do that because your auction is full of
fake bids, how come? as far as i know is not
allowed in ebay, at least not honest, 100% 83%
activity with the seller?
Kind regards

I dont know what they mean by the 100% activity that they both mention? Do they mean that someone is only bidding on my items?

Obviously, in case any one is wondering, I am not shill bidding. I have looked at the names of the bidders and they are not any i recognise so I am pretty sure it is none of my friends or family thinking they are doing me a favour or anything, the highest bidders are both in germany and I dont even know anyone in germany!!

Sorry if i'm coming across a bit argh!! stressy!! Its just that the dress is finishing in an hour and I dont want anyone reporting me when i haven't done anything wrong!

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    They can see a spreadsheet on the bidding list showing the percentage of bids one particular buyer has with you, but they can't see the individual IDs. How you normally trace a shiller requires access to this percentage spreadsheet - actually easier to see since eBay stopped outsiders viewing other bidders' full IDs - and to link a specific ID to a seller's feedback. There is also a Toolhaus program they can run to compare where two IDs' sales and bids interlink.

    These don't sound the most sophisticated of people, to be honest, they just think that any bidder with 100% of bids on someone's auctions automatically means a shiller is on the loose.

    At the moment they are only bidding on your items and no-one else's. It may not be the high bidders - it will be an underbidder who appears on a number of your listings that is making them suspicious. Also, shillers' max bids are often something like 5.99 or 6.89 rather than 6.00 or 7.01. They don't want to win the item, merely bump up the cost, so they don't go for full round numbers or add extra pence as a tiebreaker to make sure they get the item.

    This is unfortunate as it looks as if you are using this ID to shill - they cannot tell directly that this is not your own doing.

    Is there one particular buyer who you can see is bidding away on your items happily? This may be the ID they can see and because they can only see rough data, rather than a username or specific activity, they may be jumping to conclusions in a frightening way. The court case earlier on in the summer has led unfortunately to a bit of a shilling witch-hunt, and like in any witch-hunt no doubt there are innocent victims.

    I wouldn't personally respond to these emails as there is no way you can prove you are not shilling. I suspect they may report you but eBay will have access to the data about that particular ID and can probably see that this ID is not related to you or your account(s).

    It's horrible to get emails like this but unfortunately doing anything significant about it may play into their hands :(.
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  • Phew, thanks for your swift response crowqueen, feel better now!
    I couldn't see it because I am the seller so I logged out and looked at the bid history so i can see what they are seeing. For the current high bidder it says:

    30-Day SummaryTotal bids:s.gif9Items bid on:s.gif1Bid activity (%) with this seller:s.gif100%

    and the second highest says

    30-Day SummaryTotal bids:s.gif1Items bid on:s.gif1Bid activity (%) with this seller:s.gif100%

    So I can see that the 100% activity with me does look a bit suspect but surely if I was stupid enough to shill I would be stupid enough to do it on all my items?

    Will just ignore the messages then, if they want to report me they can but its pretty obvious I am not doing anything wrong.

    Thanks for the quick response and reassurace!
    Reclaiming for family and friends. Won 4/13 so far
    HSBC CC - £263.25, Halifax CC - £179.45, HFC PPI - £589.00, HSBC PPI - £498.86, Lloyds PPI 1 - £400
  • sounds more odd that two random people have happened to not only notice it but message you as well, i would think its probably the same person on 2 accounts trying to get a bargain out of you !
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    Agree with what's been said. I would however add both those users to your blocked bidders list. Just in case.
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