Tesco Gift Cards?

I have a quantity of Tesco giftcards (not clubcards!), but looking at if I were to sell them on ebay I would take a hit of iro 10% because of their fees - can anyone suggest a more cost-effective way of converting them into cash (ie rather than spending them in-store or on-line?!).



  • Why would anyone offer you face value anyway? They are only worth what is on the moneycard, the buyer then is trusting you to tell him it is a £10 moneycard, but then when he/she gets it - lo and behold it's only a £5 one. Why risk the potential hassle of arguing the toss of the value of the card.
    you can't use the moneycard for 'deals' so don't see why anyone would interested on ebay!?

    Besides, how can you not use it to buy everyday items, even if it is only £0.40 for a paper every day for ......
    I used to work for Tesco - now retired - speciality Clubcard
  • People often pay greater than face value for vouchers on ebay so you might be surprised
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    You could always advertise them on your local Gumtree. Another option may be to offer on Gumtree to swap them for vouchers you want.
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