Excessive charges... to pay or not to pay?

Hey guys

Through some disorganisation on my part I managed to go over my agreed overdraft with a few direct debits, and wasn't in a position to pay any money in at that time. I then found they were charging 15quid a DAY for the privelege.

Anyway this meant that I had gone so far over that putting any spare money I had into the account would still not have put me back into the black and I'd still be getting charged, hence I didn't. My account is now about 500 over its limit, with most of that being charges.

I've managed to acquire the cash to pay into the account which will bring it up to a zero balance... here is the question...

Am I better to pay this in now, bring the account to order, and hope for some refund as goodwill....


Say I can only possibly afford blah blah blah and try to get them to reduce it before I pay it?

Basically, is it gonna be harder to claim once i've gave them the money.


A few years ago I successfully claimed against them for general charges over the years... will this make me claiming it back less likely?

Thanks :)
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