NS&I Direct ISA how long to transfer money out

I have a NS&I Direct ISA and needed some money in a hurry (don't ask I won't tell but nothing dodgy) so I transferred the money into my linked account last night expecting it to be there this morning, but it isn't.

I am so used to instant transfers between accounts that it never dawned on me the money wouldn't be in my linked account in the morning.

So how long will it take to get into my account?

I need the money tomorrow by the latest, do you think it will be in my linked account by then?

RBS Current Account if it makes any difference.


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    Faster Payments only tend to be supported from a current account - rarely from a savings style account.

    So it will likely be via BACS and therefore 3/4 working days.

    (Additionally - NS&I is a Treasury Agency and I'm unaware of any of their Agencies (including HMRC) whose accounts currently support FP - either in or out)
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