a real newbie and definately slowwwwwwwww

Hi I am most likely on the wrong board but any advice would be welcome, I curently use a Sainsbury's card and get points, we go abroad 4 times a year and use Llyods Platitium then(they don't chare extra for use abroad)
What would you suggest would be the best cards for cashback rewards.
We pay off every month, but my husband in not employed at the minute so do not have over 20k income.


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    Whenever people used to ask about getting a credit card on a 'low' income I used to mention the same card - marbles (owned by HSBC bank) because they used to state on their wabsite that they would accept applications from anyone with income above £5500pa. I just looked and can't see if they still operate this but it is worth giving them a ring maybe - or simply just applying on spec.

    On the specifics of that card: 0% on balance transfer only (definitely not on purchases) with a 2% uncapped fee.

    But if you want a card for cashback there's Egg Money - 1% - but only promising cashback 'until 2007' (whatever that means?). Meanwhile marbles still offers cashback - but that would only be of use after the end of the balance transfer period.

    A better card for you might therefore be one offering interest-free purchases for a long period - allowing you to 'slow stooze' (set aside the full payments you would have made and earn interest on these until the period expires then clear the balance.) The nice thing about slow stoozing for someone starting out is that you then have the opportunity to (possibly) carry the savings over if you can get a suitable balance transfer card in 9 or 12 months time. Go to the new 'purchases only' table at stoozing.com for some further product suggestions.

    (Oh, I just got the point of your thread heading!!... I'm slow too! ;) )
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