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can anyone recomend someone for dog insurance i have bought a puppy and want some insurance for him


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    The simple answer is that there isn't a simple answer. It depends what type of cover you want.

    There are two main types: Annual cover and lifetime cover. Annual cover will pay a certain amount out for a condition then no more. The next year it will pay nothing at all out on that condition. So if your dog gets arthritis or some other long term condition you are stuffed. However it is cheap. Lifetime cover will payout upto the policy limit each year and every year that you have cover. There is a small variation on lifetime cover which will only payout up to a specific limit per condition during the lifetime of the dog. Either way lifetime cover is more expensive. If cost is the overriding factor then go for annual cover from Tesco or the other low cost providers.

    Personally I favour lifetime cover. Our pup is insured with Marks & Spencer - good price, £0 excess!! but no claims experience so far. The older dog is insured with Animal Friends, underwritten by Equine & Livestock - slightly cheaper price, £49 excess but pretty slow at settling claims. Previously we had Petplan but I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole now because of their ridiculous excess, high prices and Indian callcentre.

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    Tesco's is good and easy to set up and you also get the Clubcard points on it.
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