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Well as the title says, today my hubby and i have been discharged:j, its been a pretty long year but not a bad one. We have learned some good lessons, ones that will stay with us for life.

I would really like to say a huge thank you to everyone on here, i know we didnt find this site until after our BR date but we found it in time for the help we needed. Those of you on this site who are here to advise are amazing (and the advice is second to none), what a shame there are those (trolls) who only come on to judge and mock, i think without those this could be advertised so much more, to help many many more in need.

A huge thanks also to those who stayed up last night with me to see in my future (curly, if and confused) it was such a good laugh :rotfl:

I would also like to appologize for any unwise comments i have made and for being oversensitive at times - its an emotional business this BR thing :cool:

I am now gearing up for the next installment, credit file clearup, but i'm going to have a bit of a break from BR first starting with a short holiday

Good luck to all of you who are just starting on your journey, it feels far scarier than it is


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