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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Bankruptcy & Living With It
My husband and i split up 8 years ago, i left with 45k of debt, and moved into social housing.
My income was such that i was told i didnt qualify for an IVA as i didnt have a big enough disposible income, so all my creditors receive a share of £50 per month which is my calculated disposible income, and is dispersed by a Debt management company. I also have 1 CCJ. (i know i'm lucky not to have many more)
I work full time in a menial job, but cannot better myself as i cannot afford to go to university etc.

I am resigned to never being debt free, no matter how much i scrimp and save

My question however, is this: the CCJ is 'only' a few hundred quid, but the courts ruled that i pay that back at £1.
With my finances being in the state they are, is there any point in having the CCJ paid off, or am i just aswell to let it run its £1 a month course? (my mum has offered to lend me the money)


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