unauthorised debits and bank charges

I expect something similar has been posted before but here goes...

The short version... MBNA took unauthorised amounts from my bank account after I set up a direct debit with them for a fixed agreed amount.
I managed to get this back, no thanks to them and their rude unhelpful attitude!
BUT it left me with £45 of charges to my bank account due to them taking money I didnt have.
I have told them about this and they agreed it was their fault and said it will be paid back to me by the 26th May...one month later I still dont have my £45.
I have written again and am awaiting a reply.
Can anyone tell me what nice legal bits to quote to them about how they MUST give me this money back!?
cheers in advance


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    their isnt anything legal, it would be a gesture of goodwill
  • There has been a discussion over this previously but I'm not sure where it ended up. As this was a direct debit agreement, there may be something there to go on. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along soon!

    You could try sending MBNA a letter, sent recorded delivery. Was the agreement to refund you the £45 by letter or phone? You could send something like:

    Thank you for your letter dated 2 November 2009 OR phone call of xxxxxx. I am writing (again) to request that you repay default charges that have been applied to my bank account since <date>. The charges total £45.00. I feel they are unfair as MBNA incorrectly withdrew funds from my account (add details such as amounts, dates etc) through a direct debit.

    On <date>, MBNA admitted they were at fault, through a processing mistake (or whatever) at the credit card collections office (or wherever), of depriving me of my money.

    Any charges since applied to my current/bank account have therefore been unfair and obviously not my fault.

    I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days.

    Yours sincerely,

    sign digitally

    Admittedly, it will need tailoring to your situation, but it's somthing to go with if no-one else suggests anything?

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    It's best not to use "fancy" legal language unless you're a lawyer. Best to state your case to them in plain language and concisely, using dates and names if possible. Numbered paragraphs can be useful so that if a dispute continues it's easier to make reference. Paraphrasing, I would say something like this - but follow their complaints procedure.

    1) I refer to my letter/conversation of .... and am disappointed that despite previous correspondence this matter has not been resolved.

    2) On ddmmyy, ddmmyy, ddmmyy, you wrongly debited my account (give details).

    3) As a direct consequence, I incurred the following charges: (give details). See attached (attach bank statement with relevant bit highlighted).

    4) On ddmmyy I complained to you and by your letter of/conversation etc (give details/reference).. you accepted your error. You agreed to return the monies and make a payment to cover the charges I incurred.

    5) On ddmmyy the monies were returned as agreed.

    6) I have not received a payment from you to cover the charges incurred, despite your undertaking to do so. The total amount is £XX.XX as in 3) above.

    7) Please send me this amount (give method - eg cheque) within (reasonable time).
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    katfish81 wrote: »
    MBNA took unauthorised amounts from my bank account after I set up a direct debit with them for a fixed agreed amount.

    Did you set that up yourself?

    MBNA (and, as far as I know, all other credit cards) have stopped DD for 'fixed amounts',
    it is either the minimum payment or the entire balance.

    What amount did the statement specify: "The sum of £.......... will be taken by Direct Debit on or after........."?
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