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Have you encountered a Bee or Wasp allergy?

in Pets & pet care
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I am not asking for medical advice. I have already taken out JRT pup to the Vets today. She had two injections, one to stop her dribbling water from her mouth and one to stop her being sick.

All I want to know is have any of your dogs or cats suffered from this and how did they get on with recovery?


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    My Dog when she was younger was twice stung. The first time the vets visit cost £30. That time was scarey as her whole face swelled up. The next time I used the vets suggestion and gave half a piriton which did the job. Now I always keep piriton in the house.
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    Poor puppy. Hope she is better now. My Parson Russell used to chase bees as a pup and one day he caught one :( He was in the garden and suddenly yelped and went down on the ground. I guessed what had happened and as I picked him up one side of his face was already ballooning. I drove him straight to the vet and they took out the sting from inside his mouth and gave him jabs. He was fine after that.

    I also keep anti histamine handy now.
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