plastic champagne glasses

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hi all having a party on sat - need about 30-40 champagne flutes.
Hubby has hired some from Tesco tho it's a £30 refundable deposit and £1 breakage charge per glass.
Am wondering if it would be better to get plastic ones instead - anyone found some cheap ones in store somewhere recently?


  • craftygrannycraftygranny Forumite
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    Asda had packs of ten for a pound recently if that's any help.
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    Tesco have 8 for £2.50

    or even Ebay

    100 for £20
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  • GV29GV29 Forumite
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    thanks will check out the ones in tesco
  • flea72flea72 Forumite
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    use the ones on free hire from tesco and if you break them, then buy your own cheap ones as a replacement

    they dont check the brand/quality of the glasses upon return, just that they are all there

    however if you do want to go the plastic route they have them in Poundland at the mo, think there are 4 in a pack

  • Id be tempted to say the same as the above

    as we hired them and they dont check them and to be honest we were lucky and didnt break any and hired about 100 so for the sake of a few £ s its prob worth risking a few breakages
    (also nicer to drink out of 'real glasses' in my opinion! )
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  • LJMLJM Forumite
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    im sure i have seen them in morrisons
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  • GV29GV29 Forumite
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    I have re considered n sticking to the hired glasses
  • joessjoess Forumite
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    Don't know if this is any help but have you tries ikea? I has the same thing for my little boys Christening, we went to Ikea one day and they were selling 6 for £1, we bought 5 boxes and thought we'd just throw them away afterwards however we kept them and it's amazing how many times they have come out since!
  • stacyloustacylou Forumite
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    they have them in poundland for 8 =)
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