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Mmm tasty mould

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d.yland.ylan Forumite
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Howdo :)

Just signed up again, forgot my login from the previous board script (don't know if they were carried over actually but no matter).

Everyone here was immensely helpful when I bought my first home last August, and I'd like to thank you all again for that :)

Well, one thing I can say I didnt know that you are usually offered about 3 levels of survey of the property -- i dearly wish I'd have known this and had a full survey because I've definately overpaid by at least £6k (which is ~half my annual income pre tax).. still you live and learn.

Basically I bought a 2bed end terrace with no double glazing and no central heating, ive had glazing fitted fine, and I think I'm definately going to have to find a way of buying heating, because the entire upstairs seems to have a godawful black and white mould problem.

There wasnt a single sign of this on my viewings, and its very agressive so I can only assume the seller knew full well and just cleaned up before each visit.. Do any of you have any experience or tip in clearing the mould off?

Basically there was a hole in the top of the external wall where the bloke had taken some bricks off and just stacked them back up.. there was a completely mortarlass corner, and a crack from the roof to the floor through the mortar down the end-side of the house -- rain had been coming straight in through these. Due to financial constraints I've now had the problems rectified for the term short (acrylic sealant, some pointing and some minor rebricking and lead flashing)

I know it will be a while before the walls dry out due to the recent storms, but the mould just keeps coming, i can scrub it off clean with bleach, but this doesnt seem to be enough and the black and white patches covering the entire bottom third of my bedroom walls are back within 2 weeks..

I've approached my local council for any help with grants, but as I'm not on benefits they're not interested. Any suggestions for abating the mould growth while I'm trying to sort out heating would be fantastic, thanks everyone?

Cheers for your advise


  • Party_AnimalParty_Animal Forumite
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    First thing you need to do is dry it out. Get some heat in there, but, at the same time allow some ventilation, preferably a cross flow. A dehumidifier will help. You need the walls to dry out fully and then monitor them. Let us know how you go on.
  • robowenrobowen Forumite
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    if its as bad as you say, the plaster may need to come off as well.

    We had similar problems with damp/white mould patches. Had to have a damp course and plaster taken off. I know this was the ground floor, but,you may end up taking the plaster off as its gets "infected"...I'm told.
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  • alanobrienalanobrien Forumite
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    robowen wrote:
    if its as bad as you say, the plaster may need to come off as well.
    its gets "infected"...I'm told.

    Yes indeedy, its organic and releases spores to infect "good" plaster. Depending on how bad it is it can also play havoc with Asthmatics.

    I recall having sinilar problems in a flat and ended up replastering two whole rooms.....not nice.
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