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help !!!

hi can any one advise i applied for a sainsburys credit card on line last week i sent 2 photo copys off to them for proof that they asked for one was a bank statment (photo copy) and a copy of my council tax bill , i sent these first class registred post last tuesday i have been ringing them ovwer the week as i got a letter from them saying plz provide proofs but i had already sent ,yesterday when i rang they said they couldnt find them so gave them tracking number and all details they said would get back to me but they didnt so rang again this morning and after a long wait she said i had to send them in again but have them stamped by an official or have them faxed over from a halifax branch the women on the phone was very confused about this said she hadnt heard of this before ! im mad as hell and just told them to forget it as i have wasted so much time chasing them will go else where . so does anyone know how to get a credit card i do have a passport but dont want to send that in post with the hassle ive just had !:mad:


  • brians_daughter
    brians_daughter Posts: 2,148 Forumite
    why are they requesting the info? whenever i have applied for cc they have never requested this info, but i know others who have needed to provide proof....it maybe worth finding out why they wish to confirm your identity...are you on the electoral role etc

    TBH if the deal is a good one maybe it is worth just taking the info into branch as requested?
  • cooltt
    cooltt Posts: 852 Forumite
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    Take it to a branch where they can verify you there and then. I had to do this last week as i haven't lived in my current address that long and i don't have much credit history. Card came this morning.
  • p00hsticks
    p00hsticks Posts: 12,998 Forumite
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    Perhaps I'm just laid back, but if it's only been a week since you put in your online applicaition and posted off your letter I'd have given them a while longer. You don't say when the letter from them asking you to provide proofs arrived but my guess is that it would have been automatically generated when your application was submitted and jsut crossed with yours in the post...
  • euronorris
    euronorris Posts: 12,247 Forumite
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    Did you check the tracking number on the Post Office to see if it had been delivered and who signed for it? ie, it could be that the Post Office are to blame for losing and, subsequently, not delivering the letter rather than the bank losing the items after delivery.

    If it hasn't been delivered yet, why not just take into a branch as requested? I know it's inconvenient, but I don't think that it's as big of a hassle as you're making out. They are well within their rights to request and check all this information and it's in your best interests (as well as theirs) for them to do so.
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  • janey70
    janey70 Posts: 291 Forumite
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    they havnt said why they want the proofs but as someone else said prob because i havnt been in my house long , i cant go into a branch they said as first person said that then i rang back after i calmed down and spoke to a diffrent person and he said have to send origanals and to a diffrent adderss this time so sent 3 utilty bills he said 2 but thought i would include an extra one for good measure ! cost me 10 pound so far to send 2 sets of proof by special delivery :mad:
  • janey70
    janey70 Posts: 291 Forumite
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    im just concerned now as the address sainsburys credit card helpline gave me yesterday is diffrent to the one i was given when i applied on line last week and diffrent to the one where i sent my signed aggreement off to the one on line and on free envolope was sainsburys bank card services in dunfermline ,fife and the one i was given yesterday is a po box in edinburgh also sainsburys card servcies so fed up with all the stress of this :mad:
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