Solar power - 9v supply

hi all

anyone solar power gurus out there who can tell me if there is such a thing as a portable solar panel to supply 9v device (normal powered by 2 9v batteries)?



  • Lots of different types out there !!! depends on what you want the connections to be.

    Try google search on 'mobile 9v solar power' and it brings up a selection.

    Good luck
    Saving the planet whilst saving pennies !!!!!!!
  • thnx gavsmile

    google threw up a few interesting links...

    but the most useful was gud'ol Maplin!

    Variable Voltage Charger Panel

    not water proof tho unfortunately. and it doesn't say how to connect it as a 9v supply (instead of acting like a battery charger)
  • If its raining its generally cloudy !!!!!! so not much use. Have tried different types for heavier usage in my line of work and found them to be v.good in hot climates (no surprise !) and sunny summers in UK (getting hotter and hotter each year !) but the cheaper you pay for these the less quality of the panels. Catch 22 on this.

    If you are after a mobile phone charger then have a look at firefox as they have a nice little number, pricey though compared to Maplins but again you get what you pay for. Various companies have nice flat fold away ones.

    Good luck,

    Saving the planet whilst saving pennies !!!!!!!
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