havana from Guardalavaca

Has anyone went on this trip whilst staying in Guardalavaca if so would you recommend it and how much did it cost?

thanks in advance


  • charleacharlea Forumite
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    i did this trip twice

    1st time I did a 1night / 2 day trip in the middle of the holiday
    cost around 120 -150 each if i remember rightly inc flights hotels transfer tour guide ect

    Did the tropicanna tours and some free time bad thing was getting up at 4 in the morning to get the flight from houlguin to havana
    its quite a full on day quite tiring as you do a lot of walking

    2nd time i did 10 day in the hotel las brisas in the villas in guadalavaca then did a 3 night stopover in havana stayed the the national hotel this time just did our own thing which was better This was in july

    i found this to be much better as you could walk around and really explore everthing and it was more cost effective plus we flew home from havana so much better than flying back to houlguin

    personally if you can i would reccomend the second option
  • ixiaixia Forumite
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    Thanks for the reply the second option wouldnt suit as we've booked a 2 wk holiday with flights going back home from Holguin . I'll consider the first option got kids with me 17,11,15 just worried it might be too much for them.
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