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Paris airport transfer

Anyone know the cheapest method of getting cdg airport into Paris, the transfer prices im getting are around £70 mark for both of us which seems a bit steep!


  • The train station is actually in the airport terminal building, when we went last year we went to the tourist information in the airport, bought travel passes (I think they were called Paris Visite, 5 days,I think) and headed straight for the RER. It takes you into central Paris and from there you can get the Metro to just about anywhere, it's pretty easy to use, if you've been on the London Underground it shouldn't cause you any bother. Previously we used Easyjet minibus transfers (bookable when you book easyjet flights), can't remember how much they were, but they drop off and pick up from airport to hotel so you may prefer that, they were pretty good but I think much more expensive than the train. The only problem with the train was the buskers who jump from carriage to carriage, sometimes lugging amplifiers and all sorts of instruments. It's probably better to sit away from the doors as they can be pretty persistent! Don't let this put you off though, the travel passes are great value and we used them constantly on our trip. Have a great time.
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    +1, I found it pretty easy on the train from CDG to central Paris.
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    BVA, CDG or ORY ?
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    I'm in Paris just now and we got the RER train in from CDG for €8.50 one-way to central Paris then €1.60 for a metro ticket. Quick and easy and you can get around Paris very quickly.
    If you are going to use the metro a lot buy books of 10 tickets for €11.60 and save a few euros. Or look into the Paris Visite ticket mentioned above.
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    richardw wrote: »
    BVA, CDG or ORY ?
    OP did say cdg. ;)
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    Oops was in small letters, RER train is good.
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    Thanks for the tips guys really appreciated
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