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Making your own pizzas

pixie76 Posts: 1,489 Forumite
edited 29 August 2023 at 4:41PM in Old style MoneySaving
I bought some bases today. Do anyone make their own and what toppings do you use?
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  • whichwhydoIturn
    hi you can use passata , its a thick seived tomato sauce.tinned toms would be too runny,then take it from there with the rest of your toppings.hope that helps :o
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  • Barneysmom
    Barneysmom Posts: 10,123 Forumite
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    Funny you should say that.
    Last night we wanted a dvd night (Band Of Brothers, superb!) and we decided to buy some pizza from Asda. The first time in over 2 years that we've bought some. They were horrible, never again.
    Our home made ones are so much nicers, much more moist too :cool:

    We just use anyleftover veg, onion, mushroom, peppers, toms, etc...
    We don't really use meat on ours, as I worry about reheating ham/chicken etc.

    The Asda ones had no Italian seasoning on, I think that's what spoiled it for me.
  • whichwhydoIturn
    top with what you fav pizza is , smoked ham, mushrooms, sweetcorn,season with chilli flakes, or whatever you have,pinepple ,strips of beef ,sliced toms, onions, peppers, bacon,salami,getting qiute hungry !
    mum "e" to the most perfect girl :Awho stood by me through it all nana to my beautiful grandson WLM 27.09.13:j
    mother of the bride September 2014 :love:
    Turning a house into a home :o
    What if the Hokey Cokey is really what it's all about ?
  • soko
    soko Posts: 3 Newbie
    i love making pizzas (almost as much as eating them!)

    sometimes we make our own bases but more often than not we buy them or buy naan breads to make naan bread pizzas - they are really yummy. i like to spread tomato puree or bbq sauce on then just loads of grated cheese and mozzarella and whatever we have in the fridge/cupboards to use up. its such a cheap and easy meal to do and makes me feel like im being a bit healthier if i make my own ...even though i know its not really!
  • invisiblecabbage
    don't forget to add oregano to the passata, or use a bolognese sauce.
    I always buy mozzarella (aldi is cheap) and slice don't grate it. DD just returned from an exchange to Italy and said they soak the bagwith the mozzarella in almost boiling water for about 10min to bring out the flavour! yet to try this
  • alwaysonthego_2
    alwaysonthego_2 Posts: 8,471 Forumite
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  • OrkneyStar
    OrkneyStar Posts: 7,025 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    You can use almost anything you have left over.....whatever you could even be brave and mix other flavours into the passata eg bbq! Our fave is ham and sweetcorn as DS loves that too, but honestly there is not much you cannot use (although of course cook anything really raw, eg chicken!). I love HM pizza, and find potato salad is a nice thing to have with it too!
    ETA making your own base is very easy too, you can make double and freeze the dough!
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  • jcr16
    jcr16 Posts: 4,185 Forumite
    we love homemade pizza's. once you've had a homemade one your never want shop bought again. i make my own bases by making the dough in the bread maker. then once rolled out and left to rest i give it a light coating in oil. no idea why by i rememeber being told to once and it makes it so much nicer. i then brush over tomato sauce and put on chopped up ham and pineapple pieces. a good handfull of grated cheese and a handfull of grated mozerella. ( i buy the basic ball for 40p odd from sainsburys drain off the water and freeze for couple hours before needing it., makes it so much easier to grate) then cook for 20min's. it is delish. my children love it. even if i just do cheese on it.

    however adults versions i will add pepperoni, or mushrooms, salami. anything really.
  • Butterfly_Brain
    Butterfly_Brain Posts: 8,862 Forumite
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    The favourites in our house are,
    Mozzarella with Red Onion, sweetcorn,peppers, mushrooms and olives
    Bacon or sausage with lots of Red onion, mushrooms and a little grated mozzarella
    Chicken and Sweetcorn with peppers, red onion sprinkled with a little fahita seasoning
    Ham and pineapple
    Tuna and Sweetcorn
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  • Penelope_Penguin
    Penelope_Penguin Posts: 17,288 Forumite
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    pixie76 wrote: »
    I bought some bases today. Do anyone make their own and what toppings do you use?

    HM bases are way better and cheaper than RM :)

    Try this thread for dough recipes and this one for sauces.
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