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Round the World tickets

I tried looking on the search for this but the search still appears to be down.

I'm trying to find prices for round the world tickets so that I can budget for a trip. We'd like to leave this autumn and go to the US, Canada, Austrailia and New Zealand.

We'd also prefer to follow that order of North America first and then Oz / NZ because we'd really like to see New England and parts of Canada in the Autumn.

The problem is that most of the tickets I have seen take you 'down under' first. Does anyone know whether you have to take the trip that way round, or have any other tips on getting round the world tickets?




  • KGKG Forumite
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    No one got any ideas then???

  • markmatmarkmat Forumite
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    I'm not sure which site you've already looked at , but have you tried:

    Unfortunately, this site seems to be 'closed' currently as well, but I did have a look a few weeks ago as I'm thinking of a similar trip at some point.

    It's a combination of Virgin, Air New Zealand & Singapore Airlines so you are limited to routes that they fly, however it did allow you to fly in either direction. Maximum mileage was 29K I think.

    The fares seemed relatively cheap in comparison to some others. I think economy started at between £950 and £1100 depending on time of year. Alternatively, I think it was around £3500 for Business Class or £5000 First Class.
  • pinpin Forumite
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    I used the Great Escapade when I went round the world, worked out great. BTW my mileage came to about 32,000.

    I also went to the States first, so it can be done. The great thing about doing it that way is for your entire round the world trip is that your baggage allowance is two bags weighing up to 32 kg each.

    There are several specialists that deal with round the world tickets. However I used STA-Travel.

    Both the major airline alliances also do round the world tickets (OneWorld and Star), STA will have information on them. Also most agents will be able to cobble together an itenery depending on your destinations.

    Forgot to mention, make sure you join one of the frequent flyer programmes. After my round the world trip I had enough miles to get a free flight to east europe!
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  • researcherresearcher Forumite
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    you can go in either direction, but not backtrack on yourself. We travelled with Trailfinders and they will arrange any itinary and give very competitive quotes. Have a great time
  • mitremitre Forumite
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    I believe backtracking is permitted on some ticket types but RTW ticketing rules can be very complex.
    If you go to the flyertalk forums - then forums then global alliances there are forums for the big 3 alliances that offer RTW tickets. These contain price guides and many days worth of reading on best routes, starting airports, etc
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