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Parked in disabled bay and fined Dog at fault!!!!

Hello, could someone please gve me some assistance please.

I parked in a UKPC carpark in a disabled bay with my disabled friend.
Unfortunately I also had my dog in the car who promptly jumped in the front and knocked the disability permit card onto the floor and lay on it!!!

We were in the shop for approx 5 minutes and came back to a nice yellow sticker on the windscreen with a £45 fine if I pay in 14 days unless I appeal.

Not knowing I did appeal stating what had happened and low and behold they said no the very next day with a hand delivered letter through my letter box.

The letter states that unless I appeal again with a photocopy of the disabled permit (if I am the owner of the permit) I will have to pay the fine.

They have all my details now!

I am also trying to claim my bank charges back on the grounds of financial hardship with the ombudsman so have no means of paying this fine :0(

Any help would be extremely grateful, many thanks in advance.


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