MSE blog: Cash withdrawal furore. Has bank bashing gone too far?



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    for a cash withdrawal. Regularly in Poole town centre there is a long queue at the Nationwide cash machine, if the branch is open I have often gone in and withdrawn money while the cash machine queue has hardly moved and felt very smug about it. Its a small branch with only two cashiers on usually. If there is a limit imposed it would stop me (and others) doing this, don't want to carry large sums of money about, hence increasing the queue outside and making it possible for them to sack a cashier.
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    Nationwide has solved this problem by moving the cashier further from the door (pour encourager les queues)
    .....under construction....
  • How about opening a few more windows? Or, I suspect, suggest the staff have their lunchtimes at a different time to the customers that pour in on their lunchtimes. Or maybe, perhaps, related to...

    I think you are a bit short sighted in your comment, in the branch I work we have 5 cashiers and they take brakes one at a time so this means lunches start at 10am and finish at 3pm and when the day is 9-5 I think it would be unfair to expect people to take earlier/later lunches than they already do.

    Added to this if someone is off sick then down to only 4 cashiers meaning over lunch hours only 3 staff which can then cause havoc if everyone come sin at once.
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