OK, wasn't through here but ...

Nice parcel of reference books (worth £130 rrp) arrived earlier this week for winning a Times2Jumbo crossword.


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    well done you.

    I never win anything :(
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    Well done, its nice to hear when people actually win these things :D
    Nobody can make you feel inferior, without your permission ;)

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    ya still freezing :p

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    That's great to hear! Well done klondyke :)
  • hubby won a racing day at thruxton courtesy of pirelli tyres few months back. Sold it in the local paper for 150 quid! He's also wona fleece, some nikwax and a footie video over the last hew months. We're still waiting for the biggie, though....
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    Congratulations everybody, lovely prizes
  • A couple of years ago I got a letter from Sainsburys to say I'd won £1,000 which completely confused me as I couldn't remember entering any competitions. Eventually discovered it had been on the one and only occasion I had ever stuck my Nectar card in the points machine at the entrance (just to see what it did) and I'd been automatically entered.

    The prize was Sainsburys vouchers but it kept us going in groceries for several months! :D

    PS - I've always assumed that (apart from making sure you spend them in their shop!) vouchers were a sort of tax dodge, does anyone know if monetary competition prizes should be declared on self-assessment?
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    im won on the garnier web site a couple of months back and got fructus dhampoo condition and frizz ease think it was. didnt think it too bad as they were full size and the arent that cheap to buy;)
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  • does anyone know if monetary competition prizes should be declared on self-assessment?

    No - prizes are completely free of tax in UK. Think US is different.

    Guess I'm a bit of a comping nerd and have done quite well over the years, but resolution is TO DO BETTER!!
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    I've won a few nice things ovr the last 15mths or so - hampers, dvds, make-up, kitchen stuff, hair stuff etc. But the best ever was last September when I spent 3 days in Nashvile courtesy of Mr Jack Daniels! FAB!
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    Crikey this takes me back, I used to do competitions when the kids were smaller and I actually had a bit of free time.....................my god, what is that?? lol

    Some successes were;

    Super Nintendo
    Gameboy (when they first came out!)
    £300 spending spree in HMV
    Weekend at Haven
    £200 party package from Tesco
    and loads of smaller stuff

    It was good fun, but you really need time to devote to it, aaah well, have to wait til retirement!!!! :rolleyes:
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