Credit Expert 2ND Free Trial Question (UPDATE)

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I had an email from Credit Expert last week offering me a free second trial of their service

Anyway i needed to check something on my file and signed up yesterday.

Had to follow the link in the email they sent me, which i did to the letter, but on signing up was asked for card details came back out and tried doing it again and was asked for card details again.

I remembered from previous experience that they want your card details so that if you forget to cancel after 30 days they can bill you.

On accessing my account it said i would be billed in 30 days for £7.99 (notice that's gone up)

Received an email today We've debited your account with £7.99

So looks like they have taken it already

Anyone any experience of the second free trial or is it going to be a heated phone call to Experian tomorrow



  • lisyloo
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    Are you absolutely certain the email was from Experian?
    You should NEVER click links in an email.
    If they are legit they will give you another option so that you can go direct from their website e.g. they will give you a code.

    This might be genuine but it might not.
    I woudl get on to Experien ASAP to see if they have offered you this service.
    If not, then someone else has your card details and you should cancel your card ASAP.
    Do it NOW.
  • anna42hmr
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    i have had one of these last week, i have not acted on it yet, but it looks like it should be genuine as it knows the date that i cancelled the subscription, and checking back on my old records it matchs exactly.

    op let us know what happens when you speak to them
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  • CreditCruncher
    We've debited your account with £7.99

    Don't know about the free 2nd trial e-mails sent out but when I experimented:p the free trial for a second time, Experian charged me £7.99 for the same.When I phoned them, the CSA said I was a returning customer and free trials were only for first timers :mad:
  • preable
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    Email there customer service team or ring them to see if the payment was to them. If so question why they took it and request your money back.
  • southernguy_2
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    Phoned them

    Email is ok but there appears to be a technical fault in the software that debits your card

    They have agreed to refund the £7.99

    Was shocked to find out though that Vanquis do not report to Experian

    Can anyone confirm this.
  • southernguy_2
    southernguy_2 Posts: 257 Forumite
    Just phoned Vanquis and they do report direct to Experian so now have to write to them and request they update my credit file.
  • Esoog
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    These pirates have taken £7.99 from me too...Free 2nd trial my !!!!!
  • giruzz
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    Esoog wrote: »
    These pirates have taken £7.99 from me too...Free 2nd trial my !!!!!

    Just wondering how did you manage to get the charge refunded.

    I received a letter mentioning I was entitled to a second free trial but got charged anyway....can't manage to speak to cs


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