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MSE News: Volcanic ash cloud grounds UK flights: your rights

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  • Forgot to say re above post we're a package holiday provided by Travel City, but flights supplied by Virgin Atlantic. Don't know if this affects things??
  • Just been told that the earliest that I can get out of New York will be the 30th of April, Been on the phone to expedia and virgin, expedia clearly dont care about anyone Virgin say thats the earliest, I cant afford to be here until then, its just not viable, what choices do I have??

    Looking to get to Madrid, but it seems that everyone is and, the earliest i can do that will be the 24th, but this is via miami and mexico.

    Just feels that no one cares out here
  • dexteryout, it is a very slow news day here in UK also. You would have thought that with the finest Foreign & Commonwealth office and Department of Transport minds focussed on the problem that they would be doing more than floating two or three boats.

    This is an example of the uselessness and 3 day week mentality of large parts of our civil service who cost us taxpayers an absolute mint.

    And to top it all, the three major party leaders are behaving like rabbits caught in headlights on the issue.

    The foreign policy debate should be cancelled this week and it should now be scheduled to be about the travel emergency instead, which is the best test of leadership we could possibly ask for in the run up to the election, but they'll avoid it, won't they?
  • Hello All

    My brother and his family (inc. two young kids) are stuck in Tenerife, they and we have tried to contact MONARCH airlines - we have had no RESPONSE via email or on the phone (we have called daily and been hanging on for over an hour).

    They were meant to fly back on Friday 16/4, there are no Monarch representatives for them to contact regarding accommodation and food. We also called the emergency number here for the foreign office, ad they said there is nothing they can do as they are no in danger.

    They only have somewhere until Wednesday which they are paying for - can anyone help with what they should do, as Monarch seem to be shirking their duties?

    Thanks everyone.
  • Here is what i dont get, if there have been no flights since Thursday, then friday, saturday and sunday when i was meant to return, is 3 days so why not delay my return for those 3 days, why add another 10/11 days surely starnded passengers have priority over anyone else?? or do new passengers take priotiy as thats revenue for the airlines
  • Just got through to Monarch, and tehy are saying they have no duty to provide food or accommodation- even though my brother and family are in a foreign country.
  • Sky_Dragon wrote: »

    Just like to add my experience if it helps.

    Stuck in New York with the wife and 2 kids.

    Spoke to Virgin Atlantic last night who said they'd cover up to $150 per night per room (and that they'd allow up to 2 x $150, i.e. $300 for a family room as there's 4 of us and it would be daft to have us book 2 rooms if 1 would suit us better anyway).

    They're also allowing, per person, $10 breakfast, $15 Lunch and $20 dinner per day. All to be claimed back against receipts on return.

    The only complaint I've had is that they made no attempt to contact me with any info by eMail or text, despite being a member of their frequent flyer club, so I had to wait an hour on the phone to get through yesterday.

    Luckily I have a netbook with Skype on it with me, and am in an hotel with decent internet so the phone calls have been cheap or free.

    I hope VA are busy chartering ships to get us home at the moment!

    Sky Dragon have you been told when you will be able to go back yet?? Oh and we have been told that VA are not paying for anything
  • CityBoy wrote: »
    The airline is obliged to 'care' for you under Rticle 9 of EC 261/2004 from the original departure time of your cancelled flight until any re-routed flight (eventually) departs. This means that meals/accommodation/transfer to the airport can be reclaimed on your return to the UK. Send copies of receipts recorded delivery to the airline's offices.

    Hi Cityboy- where did you find this information please?
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    atruefaker wrote: »
    Hi Cityboy- where did you find this information please?

  • Thank you very much for your reply Cityboy. Much appreciated. Its Travel City the whole holiday package provider telling us its £600 more which my parents have just paid. Will now contact Virgin Airlines who the actual flight was with and see what they say. Is this mentioned anywhere in the Regulations do you happen to know? We had no choice but to rebook with Trval City as thats who we booked it with originally, even though they use Virgin as the flight carriers.
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