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unsecured debtors cleared by end of 2010

Hi All
I thought i would start a diary off as i wish to clear 2 debts by the end of the year!
These total about 2k!

This is my plan as of tomorrow
weekly budget wed to wed: £55 to cover food n outings
bank: round down to nearest £5 on mondays
money jar: going to clear out n pay into bank

Got enough food to last until saturday for meals but will need to buy bread n milk.
Managed to transfer £2.13 to savings
going to count up penny jar when lo gone bed will update total after
When ive done my weekly shop i will transfer the diff to my savings.
When my partner gets paid on 20th April will pay whatever is my savings account to my debtor.

I am due a grants to having a baby one of which is the health in pregnancy grant £190
I have also been told i am entitled to the sure start maternity grant £500
so these will be a good lump sum off the debt

Debt 1: great universal - £1490
Debt 2: Studio - £300 roughly


  • counted the pennies thats £10.22 to pay into savings tomoz

    debt for gu is 1490
    debt for studio is £248.55
  • Recieved my hip grant this morning, decided that i was going to put some money aside to buy my little man a table n chair set for indoors and some new clothes so paid £140 off great universal

    £1480.94 great universal total outstanding now £1340.94

    will pay my min balance of £113 next week aswell
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