Help needed before I loose the plot! - WFTC overpayment question

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Hiya guys,

Just have a quick question I hope someone can help me with before I go nuts! Basically I was claiming WFTC/CTC a while ago and when I started to work full time to try and make some extra cash to throw at all my debt they said that I was no longer entitled to any money (I still think this may be wrong as household income is just over £30,000 with childcare to pay for etc but not worried about that at the mo...more concerned with the overpayment letter I received yesterday!).

I have now received a letter after having to confirm my income for the last 2 years...I have always kept them up to date with any developments or changes and have had no money from them from back in August last year. They say that I now owe them over £1700 and that I need to pay it back. I am already paying back an Overpayment from 2003-2004 at £20 per month (that was for an overpayment of approx £700). I am desperatly trying to pay back all me other debt and have more outgoings to debt than I do incoming...and to make it all worse looks like I am gonna be a single parent very soon so will have to deal with all this debt on my own.

There is no way I can pay back this overpayment in one go...I am worried as I will only be able to pay them a very small amount each month. Just wondered if anyone else knows whether or not they would be likely to accept that as that is the best I can do...obviously when I finish paying back the first overpayment, I can then up the 2nd overpayment! Hopefully someone can help give me some advice as I am in a real state trying to work out how on earth I am gonna tackle this debt single handedly - what a nightmare :confused: Also wanna get this sorted before I end up single and will have to put in a claim as a single parent and they just continue to say they will not give me anything till I pay back all the arrears :( Help!
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    if you still have children in ftnae then you should be entitled to at least the ctc of 545 per year. looks to me that there is some problem with the calculation or the details it is based upon. Give them a call and double check all the details are cotrect for this year if they are not then double check all the info for previous years
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    Thanks for that cheepskate! I will give them a call and find daughter is only 9 so she is still at school. They could use it towards the overpayment I imagine!
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