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White Vinegar Uses

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  • Sounds minging but my husbands gym vests smell of bo so I soak vinegar on the pit area as a pre treatment and now will beusing it n stead of fab ondirioner.
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    krlyr wrote: »
    I'd have poured it down the sink or loo - if it's not going to be used for anything else, it can at least deodourise the pipes or de-scale the toilet!

    nope.. because then my house stinks for days.
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  • pollypennypollypenny Forumite
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    I used vinegar & soda crystals to keep the drains sweet in bathrooms.

    Result, leaking sink. The vinegar corroded the metal, so not money saving.
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  • Miss_RattyMiss_Ratty Forumite
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    I use it every day, as we don't use chemicals in the house. Fabric softner, cleaning windows, descaling the loo and kettle, polishing stainless steel, stopping the dog from weeing in places...and deoderising when he has! Also to clean our chopping boards and deoderise them. So so many uses!
  • monnagranmonnagran Forumite
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    Scrubbed my worktops with a mixture of vinegar and stardrops, used it in the fabric softener dish in the WM, made mint sauce and tomorrow will do a hot wash in the DW with a cup of vinegar in it so it's all clean and lovely when I get back from my hols.

    Hiccups - I used to drip some vinegar on to a sugar lump for the children at school, poor little souls couldn't stomach just vinegar. I'd be arrested by the 'don't-do-anything-in-case-you-get-sued' police these days.

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Sipping apple cider vinegar stopped my gall stone attack in its tracks. I kept getting awful pain from it every so often and was waiting an age for the operation, I looked online for something to relive an attack and someone suggested apple cider vinegar. It worked, and also I have not had an attack since so I cancelled my operation. Not saying it is a medically proven cure, if you suspect gall bladder issues please go to your doctor! Just saying it worked for me.
  • Put it on my chips . . . lovely.

    Also good for a pre-clean of your windows, as long as you don't mind the smell.
  • SystemSystem
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    I absolutely hate the smell of vinegar.

    The things i do for vanity.:(
  • bargainbettybargainbetty Forumite
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    Scrubbed the bath with bicarb and vinegar. Tiles are sparkling and the tub is gleaming. Haven't done any other housework in days, so that made me feel all virtuous!

    Tomorrow night, I will be using red wine vinegar to make onion marmalade.
    Some days, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps.... :wall:
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  • GranariesgirlGranariesgirl Forumite
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    White vinegar with a few drops of essential oil in ( tea tree, lavender, citronella) & shaken up: as fabric softener in my washes, diluted to 20% with water to spritz on the kids' hair to smooth it down & prevent nits & finally used as household cleaner.
    White vinegar straight: for dishwasher instead of rinse liquid, with bicarb for drains & diluted to 30% to clean kettle.
    Been doing this for about 3 years now & the savings are huge!
    However I get panicky when I'm down to my last 5 litre bottle... today I only have 2 litres left in the house (supermarket out of stock) - eeeek!
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