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White Vinegar Uses

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  • SeakaySeakay Forumite
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    I use white (distilled) vinegar for cleaning and in the washing machine when I can get it in bulk, otherwise I use malt (brown) vinegar which smells a bit more at the time but your clothes don't after they come out of the machine and neither do floors, surfaces etc after they are dry.
    Remove limescale from taps etc by soaking kitchen towel or loo roll in vinegar and wrapping it over the offending area. Leave for several hours. Repeat as necessary.
  • matty17rmatty17r Forumite
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    Left distilled vinegar in my kettle today for just over an hour - came up lovely! Now working on the shower hose!
  • zippychickzippychick Forumite
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    ive merged this with our white vinegar uses thread

    this thread may also interest you

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  • SaraSageSaraSage Forumite
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    I use diluted distilled vinegar for cleaning almost all surfaces, and some bicarb for those extra hard spots!

    My OH used distilled vinegar last weekend to soak his classic car's brake discs, nuts and bolts etc - most of it came out like new after a little scrub and they're 35 years old!!
  • Lou76Lou76 Forumite
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    I've just cured my hiccups. :D

    A teaspoon of [white] vinegar, and they were gone. :T

    So, what have you done [this week] with vinegar? :)
  • pigpenpigpen Forumite
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    put the bottle 3/4 full in the bin ... I figured if it hasn't been used in the 5 years it has been in the cupboard it is unlikely to ever be!
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  • krlyrkrlyr Forumite
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    pigpen wrote: »
    put the bottle 3/4 full in the bin ... I figured if it hasn't been used in the 5 years it has been in the cupboard it is unlikely to ever be!

    I'd have poured it down the sink or loo - if it's not going to be used for anything else, it can at least deodourise the pipes or de-scale the toilet!
  • HoneythiefHoneythief Forumite
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    I'd forgotten that it can cure hiccups! I used to use it for that when I was younger. Now I just drink water from the far side of a glass -- the contortions involved, and concentration on not spilling it, usually do the trick!

    I'm experimenting with DIY laundry products, so I'll probably try some vinegar as a fabric softener in tonight's load of washing. And I'll probably have some lovely tangy homemade cucumber pickles with my supper. Good old vinegar. It has so many uses.
  • HoneythiefHoneythief Forumite
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    Haha, literally as soon as I hit Post on that, I heard white vinegar mentioned on the Simpsons! It was being recommended for cleaning gunk out of gears :)
  • SystemSystem
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    I used it in the week to descale the kettle. I put a few drops in the water i clean the floor with and more recently i am using it as a facial toner. I used to use lemon juice but thought i'd give vinegar a go and I'm happy with the results.

    I'm pretty cheap though and in true moneysavingexpert style i just use malt vinegar.

    However, i must say, i sleep on my own 5 nights out of 7 so if i go to bed stinking like a chip shop its only me that has to suffer.
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