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White Vinegar Uses

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  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    Wonder if it's made by whoever wrote that site ?
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • Firstly, I must state that this idea is Kethry's. I'm just passing it on.

    For a MSE/OS general purpose cleaning spray, use one-third of each of Stardrops, white vinegar and water in a sprayer bottle, preferably an old one that was used for something else that you have used up.
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  • maypolemaypole Forumite
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    I also have this book, it's really useful.
  • White vinegar soaked in the water container of a floor steamer that stops working is brilliant. Steam shoots out once more
  • A 50/50 split of white vinegar & plain tap water cleared the fungal infection in my lab's ears witihn a week- no 'proper' remedy we had tried previously had ever managed to improve it. Now i use it once a week to clean them with a bit of cotton wool- they've been fresh & irritation-free ever since!
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  • lynneinjapanlynneinjapan Forumite
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    Its supposed to be very easy to find - everyone says 'you can buy it in any supermarket' . Well, maybe, but not in any near me :mad: They have white wine vinegar, which isnt the same thing, and they have malt vinegar and that isnt the same either, so if anyone knows where you can find it, pass it on please! Btw - i did manage to get a white vinegar spray, but i found this in a hardware shop with the borax , but a bottle of good old white vinegar remains elusive around here!
    Our local little independent supermarket/convenience store has the Sarsons stuff. It's also possible to buy big (4-litre I think) bottles in the Asian supermarkets near us.

    Our baby is nappy-free most of the time now (the only thing that seems to help when he gets nappy rash) and he's very active so we get a lot of puddles on the floor. After mopping up as much as possible I spray with a solution of half vinegar, half water; of course it smells of vinegar for a bit, but once the vinegar has dried there's no lingering smell at all.

    I've never found vinegar to have much effect as a fabric softener, but I think that's because I'm in a soft water area and what it actually does is soften the water, so if your water is already soft then it doesn't make much difference. In a hard water area it's actually better than fabric softener for towels, nappies etc., because it doesn't reduce absorbency like commercial fabric softeners do.
  • I normally use spirit vinegar because it has less of an odour - its stronger so you need to dilute it a little more.

    I use it for cleaning my bathroom - 1/3 vinegar, tablespoon lemon juice, essential oils (tea tree, rosemary, lemon) in a squirty bot filled with water. Comes up a treat.

    you can get it at in 5L containers.
  • Major: baking powder, baking soda, bicarbonate of soda and sodium bicarbonate are all the same thing. If you want it for baking, buy it as bicarbonate of soda because it's cheaper. call it baking powder and the price goes up!

    I've been using malt vinegar for some time - 568ml (about a pint) for 13p from Sainsbury's. It doesn't stain and seems to work just as well as white, it's cheaper and easier to get.

    I read somewhere that it can be used as a detergent as well as a softener, because it's the agitating that cleans clothes rather than the detergent. So I tried soaking my socks in a tub in the bathroom and squidging them a bit when I go in there. Then I spin and rinse in more vinegary water, spin again and dry. There's no smell of vinegar and, more important, no hint of my smelly feet. I've since tried it with T-shirts and underwear and the clothes seem to be clean and look fine, including whites. They smell a bit vinegary while they're wet but not once they've dried.

    So far, I've tried only handwashing because I haven't got a machine but I'm about to get one so I'll try it in that too.

    I do object to my cloths smelling of detergent, however 'natural' it claims to be. This way, they don't smell of anything. Result!
  • xxlouisexx56xxlouisexx56 Forumite
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    What do you use it for?

    I have really bad lime scale everywhere as we live in the south east and have very hard water
  • j.e.j.j.e.j. Forumite
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    Yes, same here, we get a lot of limescale in our water. I use Happy Shopper white vinegar for cleaning. I sometimes put some in the fabric conditioner compartment of the washing machine, as it helps to clean the machine of limescale and is cheaper than Calgon. I also use it diluted to wash the lino in the kitchen, as using detergent just seems to make the lino all sticky.. The bathroom floor and tiles often get cleaned with vinegar, too.
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