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White Vinegar Uses

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  • rachrach Forumite
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    sorry if this has been said. my kettle was all scaled up from the hard water and i just boiled some white vinegar in there and then left it for a while and its not scaley at all now. :) much cheaper than that stuff you buy which is all full of awful chemicals!
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  • cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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    thats right rach

    if youd added a bit of bicarb it would have been faster and possibly stronger as well

    much cheaper than the bought stuff isnt it
  • White vinegar in water and clean your windows and mirrors with newspaper they come up very clean
  • redballoon_2redballoon_2 Forumite
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    Sorry if this has been posted before, but i thought it was useful.


    1. Used as a hair rinse, vinegar neutralizes the alkali left by shampoos.
    A reader says 'it will give your hair an all out shine!'
    2. A quarter cup in a quart of water makes a good window cleaner.
    A reader adds: When you use vinegar in your water to wash windows, dry with newspapers. Your windows will sparkle!

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  • labohemelaboheme Forumite
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    I have always used ordinary vinegar for cleaning windows but it seems from reading all the advice that white vinegar is better. Does it smell as much as ordinary vinegar and, most importantly, where on earth can I buy it???
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  • Mrs(no)moneyMrs(no)money Forumite
    412 posts
    Its supposed to be very easy to find - everyone says 'you can buy it in any supermarket' . Well, maybe, but not in any near me :mad: They have white wine vinegar, which isnt the same thing, and they have malt vinegar and that isnt the same either, so if anyone knows where you can find it, pass it on please! Btw - i did manage to get a white vinegar spray, but i found this in a hardware shop with the borax , but a bottle of good old white vinegar remains elusive around here!
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  • bulchybulchy Forumite
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    I can never find white vinegar in my local Asda, just the malt. I just buy this instead.
    I've just used some vinegar to clean my washing machine. It was starting to get smelly, I usually use bleach, but tbh I dont like the smell of it, so thought I'd do a speed wash, with nothing in the machine, but use vinegar instead, worked a treat, my machine smells lovely and fresh now, usually with bleach theres a horrible bleachy smell left.
  • mandy_moo_1mandy_moo_1 Forumite
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    I've seen Sarsons white vinegar in tesco for about 65p a bottle and sometimes Home Bargains and B & M have it in for about 35p a bottle if you've got one of these near you
    HTH :D

  • Rachie_BRachie_B Forumite
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    i get mine in tesco :)
  • sobasoba Forumite
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    Was in 'The Works' book store yesterday and picked up a copy of "Vinegar 1001 Practical Uses" for £2.99. I now know how to clean my pet's ears, prevent chickens from pecking and how to treat toe nail fungus. ISBN 186147167X it's available at Amazon at the same price, but no p&p to pay if you get it instore.
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