Mis-sold Product from Dot Chrome company - Please help!!

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Hi, hope someone can help me??

Back in September I had a call from a company called Dot Chrome advising that they could ensure my company jet-villas will appear on the 1st page of google ads- I gave them my credit card details and believe at the time paid GBP 50.00

They have my email details and home address details

I've not heard anything from them until i had an email in February to advise i was behind on 2 months payments

I didn't know at the time I was signing (verbally) into an agreement where I had to pay monthly installments. If I was then why didnt they ask for my direct debit details in September to ensure monthly payment

I've emailed them to see I don't remember any of the above, I didn't recieive any reminder emails in Novemeber or December etc

I've now received a threatening letter from 'premium credit' to advise they're taking further action and the letter says I've ignored previous letters - the amount they want is £465 for a product I thought was a one off payment in September

From the company dot chrome, I've had no stats sent to me on the performance of jet-villas in September, October, November or December

What do i need to do?? I've never missed a payment on anything and I have a clean credit file... Am happy to contact solicitor or any company to put this right

Please help!!
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