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Breaking nails

I've just had a trip to the vets with my GSD x who has broken one of his nails again, he split it so high up that I didn't feel comfortable cutting it all the way back.

He has had quite a few split nails in all and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on any supplements to strenthen them. the vet said she remembered seeing something but couldn't remember and would get back to me. I'm worried about getting something from them with the cost and all so need something comparatably cheap.

He is on CSJ food and pichards in tomato sauce as an extra on his breakfast at the mo.


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    I've heard of something called biotin that is meant to help, but have never used it myself so can't comment on whether it works or not. Maybe do a google and see what you think.
    Does he get enough calcium? I know that helps in people but not sure about dogs.
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    Yes, it is biotin. Commonly used in horses to promote good horn growth in hooves too ;)
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    i'm aware this isn't what you asked but do you try to avoid hard surfaces when out.

    remember if you've been out and about and the ground has been salted/gritted to rinse off your dogs paws and gently towel dry (do not be tempted to wring their feet try, iyswim).

    my young lab also suffers from caught/pulled nails.
  • When I was a teenager we used to eat jelly cubes to help keep our nails growing long and I am thinking gelatine as a supplement. I think another poster on here was looking at feeding chicken feet to their GSD, which I guess contain plenty of gelatine. Also glucosamine which is widely available as a supplement, also maybe fish oils?
    Sorry....just thinking out loud!
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