Free computer courses????

Hi, im wanting to take a basic computer course on PHOTOSHOP....
I no i can take a day course that will cost be about £195.00 but i was wondering if anyone knows if there are any grants available that can help me get this course for free or so i dont have to pay as much???

Im a full time worker for the fire service, have no kids and rent a house so i dont fall into any of the normal brackets

any info or help would be much appreciated........many thanks


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    Normally any of the free computer instruction courses are given to learn basic wordprocessing, spreadsheets etc:

    I wouldn't have thought that a photo-manipulation programme such as Photoshop was considered to be a "must have" for somebody.

    Have you tired to Google free on-line courses? Or check your local library or further education college to see if they can help? Some colleges do have a student hardship fund to pay for fees.

    You could also try to see if a charitable trust could help you. Couldn't the Fire Service offer you some help or maybe your union?
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