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Order for possession

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Does anyone know if it's possible to get a stay of execution on a suspended order of possession if the building society decide they want to act on it?
Any advice would be appreciated


  • If you currently have an order for possession suspended as long as you pay 'x' a month towards the arrears, the BS won't be able to try to evict you if you are making those payments (and paying the monthly instalment)

    You can apply to the court literally up to the moment the baillifs turn up.

    However, the judge will want to know that you are going to be able to pay off the arrears in the lifetime of the mortgage.

    You can try to market the property, make lump sum payments, try to remortgage with the BS or another lender.

    The later you leave it the less likely you will be able to convince the court that you will be able to repay the arrears.

    If you do break the terms of the suspended order, you are going to have to convince the court you won't do it again and the court can take into account your previous conduct, i.e. the fact that you have already breached the order.
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