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How can I stop my dog barking at night????

in Pets & pet care
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Hi all, I wonder if you can help, I have a 3 year old chocolate lab that barks at imaginary things in the night. Im 6 months pregnant and it is really becoming a strain.

I have seperated her from my other dog as she winds him up to bark too if they are in the kitchen together. She has always slept downstairs on her own but in the last couple of months it has happened practically every night.

Any ideas before my DH strangles her?:rotfl:



  • My dog started doing this recently - I couldn't work out why, but I moved her bed to the living room and it stopped - I wonder if it was getting a bit chilly in the kitchen overnight...?

    Is there anywhere else you could try letting her sleep to see if it abates?
  • Thats what we did, they were both in the kitchen and then we moved her into the living room and it worked for about a week and then started again. Im going to buy thick curtains today to see if that makes a difference. Im stumped and really dont know what to try, we have had her since she was 8 weeks and never had this many problems!
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    Are you eventually going down to her? If so you are training her that if she barks long enough you will come.
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  • We go down and put her back on her bed, the problem is we have a young family next door and I dont want them to wake up. We have left her and it went on for over 45 minutes..........................................
  • Also forgot to add that when we do put her on her bed she shuts up!
  • It might depend on where you live I guess, but is there any chance that a fox has started hanging around your garden?

    I'm afraid I dont have a solution if this is the problem (handy eh?) although someone did post about it recently, one drove my parents dog mad for a good 6 weeks (2 weeks before they worked out why poor Jess had gone nuts) then disappeared as quickly as it came.

    Good luck.
    Caro :)
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    Thinking back did this start when you became pregnant? That could be a cause for a change in her behaviour. Your hormones are strong at the minute and maybe she can sense this. It could her way of coping with it.
    Have you gone down to her from the first time she started barking?
    If you have gone down to her she will bark knowing she gets you to come. What I would try is, first ask next door if they will bare with you for a few days to a week. Then put her to bed either in a crate (with the use of a crate you can cover it it stop the cold) or her bed and do not go to her at all. Some people dont like this approach, but as you have a new baby on the way i guess you cant really have her(dog) in your bedroom with you. I know others will have good ideas that will help please let us know how you get on.
    ps good luck with the new baby xx
    Chris n TJ
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  • With regards to the fox we do have some that like to come and terrorise her but it is a different sort of bark, we know if there is someone/something outside as she will go ballistic but this is just normal barking if you know what I mean:think:

    She is definately more clingy with me since I found out I was pregnant and hates it when I am upset, I will check with DH when he gets home and see if it started then?

    Its funny I was just at Pets at home looking at the crates and I think that is the next try. Roll on payday!!!

    Thanks everyone for your replies
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    If it isn't an alert type of barking then she is probably just awake when she should be asleep.

    How much exercise does she get and what do you feed her on?

    If it's been a couple of months then I would also think it is related to being cold.
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    Its funny I was just at Pets at home looking at the crates and I think that is the next try. Roll on payday!!!

    As your Lab is 3 years old and not used to sleeping in a crate it may be incredibly difficult to get her used to that it might also cause more problems and she may bark more.

    I don't really see that as addressing the problem. You need to find out why she is barking before you can try to address the situation. It could be something as simple as the weather is bad and she is hearing more noised outside or as others have said the cold
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