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My husband is considering taking early retirement, and will lose his subsidised BUPA membership.

We won't have a vast amount to live on but should get by, however extra expenses like that would mean cutting back in other areas.

My father (86) pays £180 a month just for cover for himself, and I certainly can't envisage us affording even half of that.

I believe it might be better to put a regular amount in a high interest account every month, then should the need arise for private treatment, use that money to pay for it.

Has anyone any views on this?
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  • BUPA and similar schemes are fine when you are young and healthy.

    I have known several people who paid in for years without requiring treatment, and as soon as they reach the age where they become a 'risk' they are priced out of the market.

    Most of these schemes are parasitic on the NHS. They don’t train any Nurses or Doctors – generally the NHS does.

    In many cases a private health plan enables a NHS consultant to collect a hefty consultation fee and arrange for you to jump the waiting list in a NHS hospital.

    You say you cannot afford £1,000 a year. I am afraid that for that sum you will get precious little private treatment.

    Sorry it this appears brusque – but you did ask for views!
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    Thanks for your reply, and I agree in principle. I must admit I did have a hysterectomy in a Nuffield private hospital, through husband's insurance cover, two years ago.

    At that time, the cost to come in "off the street" and pay for this was just over £3,000, which I calculated worked out at 5-years contributions (he only got half his subscriptions paid by his company). There was an added payback (which I am still not morally comfortable with) that when I was taken ill suddenly with the pre-condition and had to spend 10 days in a NHS hospital, the insurers paid out £150 per day.

    As we are still in our 50's and not anticipating any urgent medical problems, then I thought if we accrued say £500 a year, by the time we might need treatment we should have a few thousand saved up for it.

    Of course if the NHS was reliable then all this would be academic, but the way it's going no-one can make any guarantees. They looked after me well enough while I was in there, but the building my ward was in was basically a nissan hut, and the two bathrooms (one shared with a men's ward) were totally over-subscribed and not very pleasant.
    :D I haven't bogged off yet, and I ain't no babe :D

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    If you decide you can't afford it, be comforted by my tale ....

    Several years ago, I was under NHS treatment and, by postcode lottery, happened to be seeing, I was told, the most knowledgeable specialist in the land. He was certainly excellent.

    Then I joined a company offering BUPA as a perk. When I mentioned this to specialist, he said he didn't see private patients on principle ;D

    I stayed with NHS despite my wonderful perk!
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