Beware E & L Pet insurance

Last year we changed our Dog Insurance to E & L because the terms and price looked very competitive.

3 months later we got a letter saying they had upgraded their policy to include A Y and Z, and our premium would increase by £1.95 a month. The letter gave the impression that the policy we had, had been changed and the new figure was the new price of this policy. It was only when I re read this letter that hidden at the bottom it says if we are not happy with the new policy to call and discuss. It is not made clear that the upgrade is an optional extra and we could have 'declined' the extras and the price increase.

This morning after receiving my renewal and DD copy last month for our yearly renewal( the DD states £7.75), I recieved another letter 'offering' to upgrade us to a platinum club with various benefits for an extra £1.95 bringing our DD to £11.90.
At the end of the letter it tells me unless I decide to cancel the platinum club my DD will be taken from July. In other words it's not offering me this extra it is telling me I'm already a member!

I emailed to cancel and then telephoned to query why my paperwork showing my DD at £7.75 would jump to £11.90 even with the £1.95 platinum it didn't add up.
I then realised the sales ploy.

Your DD is shown and then further on in the contract there is a list of 5/6 added extras listed including the 2 mentioned above. I looks like E&L send out this letters hoping you either won't read them properly or think they are sales literature which you can opt into rather than cancelling out of.

After complaining to the CS guy my DD from last year is going to be refunded and no further extras will be added to my account. This was after telling them there sales ploy stank and trading standards and the trade description would have field day.

I've never had to claim against E&L so I can't comment, but if you have their policy make sure you check what extras you are being charged for and if you intend taking out a policy beware of their sales ploys. I'm sure if I hadn't cancelled this extra then in a couple of months I would have been 'offered' another of the extras on the list.
Look after the pennies and the £££s will look after themselves
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