Birthdays taking ages to charge Debit Cards

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I bought somethings from Birthdays back at the end of April this year. Then completly forgot about the transactions. It was only for a very small amount so i didnt really need to make sure it had came from my account.

Much to my horror it was taken on the 28th June sending my account overdrawn.

I am about to complain to Birthdays that their complete ineptitude has cost me money (I am aware that technically I am to blame). I am hoping that they will agree to pay my bank charges (or partially pay them).

Eight weeks is ridiculous to charge a Debit Card
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    It isnt surprising that they take a long time to charge.... they are a large national company so not desperate for the cash and given the average transaction is probably under £5 they dont get many card payments (it was only this year that I found out you could even pay by card in a card shop). Much easier for them to just store them up until there is a decent number to run.

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    I have noticed this too. The Birthdays store that I use has a Thorntons outlet within it, so I would imagine card transactions quite often go above £5. Took about 5 weeks for my spend of £8.59 to be debited from my account.

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    I believe that under the terms of the switch system that companies have up to 6 months from the date you authorise the transaction to actually debit the funds from the account.

    Birthdays may point to the op's ineptitude to manage their accounts or ineptitude to understand the terms of the payment method you chose to use.
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