PETITION against NTL's 0845 CS number

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Like many others, I refuse to pay for any sort of 0845/0870 number. When NTL introduced their customer services 0845, usually for faults with their services, why should we have to pay them?

Thank you.
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  • Do you know what? how many people really care. Yes I fully support the saynoto0870 but I really dont care if ntl use 0845 numbers. Sometimes we need to draw a line. Where as in general and on the whole I would imagine that people do get annoyed with 0845/0870 thing especially public/utility companies.

    How many people on the NTL service really care that they dial an 0845 number.

    If you asked me I would prefer a good service. And if there is a problem (problems do happen) then it gets resolved.
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    l think it takes the pee that we have to pay for the privilage of sitting in line, how much are they making off this little number l wonder :mad:
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