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some of you may know and some of you may not know that i have several grievances with british gas.
when i moved into this house, a salesman from BG came and 'sold' me a gas and electric supply at a certain rate. the house had card meters and BG wouldn't change so we made do with them. about november last year the electric meter went dodgy so they replaced it and set a new tarriff, which i wasnt aware of. in february they sent us a statement showing the prices we had been paying since june when we moved in. all seemed well until the beginning of this month when they sent us a bill stating they had charged us the wrong tarriff between june 05 and november 05 and as a result they wanted the money. but wait, one of their salesmen sold me the supply at this tarriff therefore it wasnt my fault. ah but according to british gas the law states i still owe.
well cue energywatch. i rang them and explained everything from the numerous phone calls i made to the threatening letters from british gas.
today i receive a phone call from BG saying they had received a letter from energywatch stating my complaint and asking them to sort it. his resolution to my problem???????? send me nearly £50 in compensation. not a lot and i wouldnt go through the hassle again but still, its a night on the p!ss for me.

so my best advice is if you have problems with suppliers, tell them your intention is to let energywatch deal with it. ring energywatch and let them sort it. i had the utmost pleasure speaking to them and must be some of the most helpful people on the planet. so energywatch get my 5 star rating.
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