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  • Kay_Peel
    Kay_Peel Posts: 1,672 Forumite
    Make your own lip balm - and give some to your friends if you find you have too much. I actually buy it ready- made from a seller on ebay because it's just the best thing ever - and cheap.


    Heat 2 teaspoons of cosmetic grade beeswax with 7 teaspoons of almond oil in the microwave. Don't boil or overheat - microwave it in short stages until the beeswax just about melts into the oil. Stir and let it cool. If you want you can add 2 or 3 drops of essential oils (optional) like peppermint or sweet orange - whatever you fancy. Pour the mixture into your lip balm pot. If you like a harder balm, just add an extra teaspoon of beeswax.

    The second recommendation is for shampoo. After reading articles on the ingredients and processes used by shampoo manufacturers - which horrified me - I had been looking for a shampoo that had no petro-chemicals, no parabens, and no sodium lauryl sulphate. Even the expensive brands and those labelled as 'natural' or 'organic' contained them. The alternatives weren't cheap but they were just wonderful on the hair. Eventually, I found what I was looking for
    in good old Morrisons: 400ml of their Organic Care Shampoo.
    It's totally free of all those damaging ingredients, cheap and gorgeous.

    The third recommendation is a carton of Goat's milk from Morrisons, Sainsburys and other supermarkets. If you have sore 'detergent' hands or rough hard skin on your feet, then soak them in the warm milk. Try and let it dry naturally by shaking off the excess. If it was good enough for Cleopatra then you deserve it too!
  • clairibel
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    koolkid wrote: »
    Aqueous cream is supposedly a great facial cleanser and very cheap x

    I have used aqueous cream for everything since reading an article by dermatologist in the mail, 99p for a massive tub and good for my sensitive, dry skin. The only thing missing from it is sunfactor, but my foundation has got it in.

    Here's the article if you want to read it x

    and i just found this one by accident when searched for first article.

    I also use oils to cleanse and take eye make up off find them very gentle and soothing.
  • flippin36
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    My personal experience is OCM, coconut oil, and vitamin E all work better than brands and are very cheap and versitile.
  • Bronnie
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    edited 8 January 2010 at 4:21PM
    I buy my almond oil from Sainsbury's, about £1.70 for 250ml bottle (with the cooking oils). I've tried olive oil (EV though), found it a bit heavy too and didn't like the smell for cosmetic use. Lighter olive oil may be ok?? Almond oil doesn't have much smell and seems to be really easily assimilated by my skin.

    I decant it into a small plastic bottle to keep in the bathroom, lasts for ages.

    I rinse my face with water first and wipe off with a damp cotton pad (muslin cloth/flannel), this removes quite a bit of make-up etc itself. Then I massage in the almond oil and wipe off with a damp pad. Use ring fingers of each hand to massage almond oil into lashes to remove mascara and remove with damp pad. I repeat if necessary until make-up is removed. Rinse with water, pat dry and apply my usual moisturiser.

    I only do this at night, in the morning I just rinse my face with water.
  • MsRed1
    MsRed1 Posts: 324 Forumite
    Bronnie wrote: »
    I buy my almond oil from Sainsbury's, about £1.70 for 500ml bottle (with the cooking oils) .

    Good value. Will check next time I'm there. :T
    I went away and now I'm back.:j:j
  • CompletelyLost
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    Great thread.

    I used to always buy rosewater & glycerin toner... I think it was by Burt Bees, around a fiver. Until someone told me that using rosewater (that you cook with) works just as well. Or you can make your own toner by adding glycerin, there are loads of recipes on the internet.

    I get a 300ml bottle of rose water from an Asian food store near me for 89p and it lasts ages, is great for sensitive skin too. I used a makeup remover, wash my face and then put some on a cotton ball and it removes every last trace of my makeup.
  • Bronnie
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    MsRed1 wrote: »
    Good value. Will check next time I'm there. :T

    Sorry, was editing my post as you obviously posted, £1.70 for 250ml, not quite as good, but still good IYKWIM!!
  • CompletelyLost
    I'd love to know of a good makeup remover for super super sensitive skin? I've tried loads but the only one I can used that removes all of my heavy eye makeup is Clinique's 'Take the day off' (whch is £13.50 but in my defence, a bottle lasts me about 4 months).

    I can't use baby oil as it really irritates my eyes and skin, and I've tried loads of cheaper ones but nothing works as good as Clinique for me.
  • Happy_shopper
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    Bronnie wrote: »
    I buy my almond oil from Sainsbury's, about £1.70 for 250ml bottle (with the cooking oils).

    Thank you. :) Is there any difference between almond oil and sweet almond oil?
  • salesaddict
    Hello all,

    I can really recommend Sweet almond oil for cleansing especially for removing mascara and eye make up. I just massage it in and remove with a muslin cloth rung out in warm water. I always use Naturally thinking as I think they are a really good site and the oils are £6 for a litre bottle and they last me for ages.
    I also love peach kernel oil as an all over body moisturiser.
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