Wedding Favour Ideas Needed!

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Hi all!

OH and I are tying the knot Jan 2011 - we're really stuck for favour ideas!

Our original date was Nov 2010, but the hotel venue double booked us with a big charity event (i.e. got a better offer!) so we moved it to Jan 2011 with a £1000 discount on food, chair covers thrown in and room upgrades to suites for our parents etc (which we were quite happy to do really, the date wasn't special for us or anything so the discounts were most welcome, and it gave us an extra 2 months to save up!). Our original date I had the idea of classy sparkly snowflake xmas tree decorations (bought in the jan sales, naturally) with little thank you tags on for favours on the tables for decoration and so people would always have them - but that's obviously not so applicable any more!

Has anybody got any other affordable favour ideas? :T


  • My best friend got married in Sept and her wedding favours were small boxes (u can get in hobby craft cheap or get a template from internet and get the cardboard from The paper Mill shop or crafty independant shops as noramlly do a bulk deal a box of A4 around £6, and make yourself or with friends cheap nite in! and fill with sweeties - flying saucers, jelly beans, ect - which are cheap to get too or haribo sweets (everyones favourites). Then inside the lid of the box there was a question that people had to ask others on the table to get conversations started! Questions such as worst haircut or worst item of clothing ever owned. Bubbles are also a good idea - she had the champagne bottle shaped ones - great fun esp for adults having competitions bet one another on who could get the most in one go!

    Best friend had a tight budget - so we all helped and had lots of decorating parties, invite making parties ect! So much fun, esp the decorating of the hall nite before wedding - looked so pretty!

    Other good ideas are table decorations - large glass bowl filled with the water gel beads and put in 3/4 stems of flowers, a few tea lights around it and lots of clear glass beads!!

    Hope this is useful to u! Good Luck and New Year cheer to u!


    In need of saving money!
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    We're just going with the classic sugared almonds approach.

    My boxes are an eBay special, £30 for 100 (ivory boxes with a little red rose and ribbon bow on each).

    Our colours are ivory and burgundy. You can get sugared almonds in lots of different colours, and also chocolate dragees; look like sugared almonds but have chocolate inside instead of an almond. We're going to get a jar of ivory sugared almonds and burgundy dragees. Each person then gets five, a mixture of the two.

    Five almonds is a tradition that originated in Italy, representing five wishes for the couple getting married - health, happiness, wealth, longevity and fertility.

    And it's dead cheap :D - you can get jars online for about a tenner each. So our favour contents will cost £20 + P&P :money:
  • THe nicest favours I EVER saw were little boxes ties with beautiful ribbon to match the colout scheme. Inside there was a hand written personalised note from the Bride and Groom, saying why they were special to them and a thank you. There were lots of tears!

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    Are you having a "theme" as such? Are you having maybe names instead of numbers for tables etc?? Just wondering if there is anything to tie the favours into?? I am having an autumn wedding in October 2010, we had originally decided to have gingerbread leaves (homemade) as favours in cellophane bags tied with colour co-ordinating ribbon......we have since totally changed the theme/colour scheme from autumn colours to colour scheme of olive green, choc brown, ivory and gold BUT we have decided to keep the same favours as our wedding will still be during the autumn time and we figure that ties them in enough lol..!!! January is Winter still - and i think the snowflake idea is nice.....i think technically snow is more likely to fall in Jan that in Nov/December anyway lol!! But were you thinking that itd be nice to have the decs so they could hang them on tree after your wedding?? That xmas? If so, maybe still have something snowflakey but just not the decorations?? What is your colour scheme - still wintery?? If so, maybe you could do like i am doing - make your own...... or or or ooooh - so pretty! Google images "snowflake cookie" lovely! Half wish i was having winter wedding now LOL :rolleyes:
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  • We've got little bars of Lindt chocolate wrapped in nice paper (black and hot pink top go with our theme) and then with ribbon and a black butterfly - they took a while to wrap and decorate but cost next to nothing as I bought the Lindt with my Nectar points (about 50p ea) and you can wrap 12 from 1 sheet of wrapping paper (£1.25 per sheet), the ribbon and butterflies worked out about 5p per favour :)
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    The main thing is not to worry too much and don't feel you need to do big expensive things...we made origami cranes for each place setting and then bought a few boxes of the square Green and Blacks chocolates (on offer in Sainsburys) - ate the mile chocolate ones ourselves :) (in a blue wrapper) and put a black and a white chocolate for each person. Looked really pretty and matched our colour scheme...
  • we're having flannel cupcakes!
    still can't work out how to post pics on here!
    and this is the thread where I got the idea
    the blue flannels are just 89p for 4 in morrisons, the muffin cases worked out at a few pence each from ebay
    our origional idea was bouncy balls in net bags! my partner has a collection of bouncy balls in a huge jar and we thought it would be quirky but when we found the venue and it had a water feature we decided against it! 22 children+water+bouncy balls=trouble!!
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    We were planning on giving the personalised lovehearts but have instead opted to donate the money to Marie Curie and they are providing daffodill pinbadges to hand out.

    Link to love hearts:
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    Lima wrote: »
    We were planning on giving the personalised lovehearts but have instead opted to donate the money to Marie Curie and they are providing daffodill pinbadges to hand out.

    Link to love hearts:

    We're doing a similar thing for cancer research, they provide personalised cards and pin badges. Thinking of possibly doing just 1 tiny chocolate with our names on too but not sure yet as don't want to detract too much from the charity issue.
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    I got little coloured candles in glass jars (name escapes me!) Voiles???? From the Confetti website sale, with a little organza bag for them to go in, total cost per person 75p!!
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