Buyer says the item I sold does not work?

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I sold an item on the 24 th of November the buyer has e-mailed me today saying that it was a christmas present and it doesn't work properly it was a go go hamster, which I bought for my son and he then said he didn't want one. The buyer says that they have tried new batteries but that it doesn't move.

I still have the receipt and therefore the buyer could possibly exchange it as was bought from tesco.

Should I offer the buyer the original receipt?
Should I just ask them to return the item and I will refund when it's received?

thanks for your help


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    IMO you should refund and get your own refund from tesco. Remember and get item back first though.
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  • The buyer may not even be able to get an exchange as I think they are still hard to come by.

    I'm assuming as well that the buyer paid more than the RRP so therefore they would be out of pocket if they took the receipt to Tescos themselves and an exchange wasn't available.

    I too would offer the refund once you receive the item back and then deal with Tesco direct yourself.
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