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Hi All
Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes..

My brother in law died aged 42, 4 weeks ago leaving my sister and 2 children aged 10 & 12 years.
What I want to do for them for Christmas is to make a memory box with photo's of him/them and also a cd of the music he liked. I also want to put a poem or letter or both in there and am looking for some recommendations of particular poems that may be suitable. Also any other suggestions of things that I can put in, maybe seeds/plant to plant in the garden...

Or if anyone here is any good at this kind of thing would love a one of a kind poem. Am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction or can help me out.

Although this was not unexpected (he had been battling leukemia for 4 years? the end came very suddenly and my sister understandably is struggling to cope with both the loss and also with the kids and their feelings.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions

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    I`m sorry i can`t help with a poem but would like to say i think its a lovely thing your doing for your sister and her children .xx
  • thank you nutty woman
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  • Oh Hun I do feel for you-its so difficult at this time of year.
    My cousins son commited suicide earlier this year and I need to write something in her card but dont know what to put.
    I have some cards done of one of my winter scene paintings-- they are left blank inside-but can hardly wish them a merry christmas can I ?
    sorry to hijack original posting.
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    There's lots of funeral poems here, may give you a few ideasfuneral poems - Yahoo! Search Results
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    There are some lovely poems here

    Such a thoughtful thing to do. Other things you could put in perhaps a favourite mug he drank out of, a piece of clothing or jewellery, a tester of the aftershave he used to wear, favourite sweets. You could even put all the photos together in a slideshow with music in the background and put it on a dvd for them ( allows you to do it for free) - it's really easy and looks fab.

    One thing though, will you be giving the present on xmas day as maybe your sister won't want to be further upset by seeing all these memorable things as obviously she wants to make this christmas as happy as it can possibly be for her children. Could you perhaps keep it for when the children are in bed as it's distressing for children to see their mother crying which she undoubtedly would be seeing all the memories?
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  • dianetheartist - many thanks, I know it is so difficult knowing what to say, wanting to offer the right words to convey your sympathies and feelings without it sounding callous and like you don't care or remember.

    SailorSam will take a look at that tomorrow when I am feeling a little less tired and emotional

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  • princessleah - she is coming to spend a few days with the family the weekend before Christmas and I intend giving it to her then so that she can look at it in her own time.
    I have also bought gifts for them all to open on Christmas day itself which she has chosen to spend at home with the children. She has decided that she cannot face spending Christmas day with the family with everyone being happy, which I can totally understand but will ensure that I ring her during the day so she knows we are thinking of her.
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