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Hi Guys,

My housemates and I have just received a bill of £360 for going over our limit by 360 gigs. Apparently we have been going over our limit for 4 months but have received nothing from them.

Does anyone have any advise for us?

Many thanks,


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    You should have gotten an email to your 'bt' email address advising you

    Advice: next time read the terms and monitor your usage
    If you have to use so much switch provider or upgrade package (I think BT allows max 100gb/month on their top package)
  • Thanks for the advice.

    We have not received an email otherwise we would have ungraded and likewise, as we know we are supposed to get an email, we felt there was no need to monitor it.

    To be frank - it seems a bit like BT are trying to shut the stable after the horse has bolted as they can get more money this way. Does anyone have any experience of this problem and ways to resolve it?

    We will probably offer BT however much it would have cost to have upgraded our account and avoid these charges, we certainly wont be paying it all

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    LOL 360GB... What on earth takes up that much usage other than video piracy, !!!!!! and bucket loads of illegal downloads. 360gb over is horrifically excessive. Why did you take a package which limits your downloads if you use the internet for these purposes?? Unfortunately there is very little you can do about it :P.
  • No idea mate - 360 seemed a bit excessive to me as well even over 4 months.

    No illegal downloading but all of us watch Iplayer, 4OD and watch football online so I guess that contributes towards it.

    I will post an update once we have spoken to BT
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    Football will do that as will 4OD and BBC iPlayer. Do you use your BT Internet Email address they set up when you started?
  • That's only 3GB per day - a trivial amount that can be easily reached, especially if there is more than one computer involved. (Four man-hours of television in twenty-four hours.)

    At least one of you really should have had the nous to know you were using a lot of bandwidth.
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