Reliable speed test?

I've been trying to test my BB speed, but the results have been very unreliable (I have wifi, O2 20Mb):


Download speed : 5.25Mbps
Upload speed : 1.02Mbps
Speed Test Results
Date 28/10/09 16:42:09
Speed Down 4874.84 Kbps ( 4.8 Mbps )
Speed Up 1090.45 Kbps ( 1.1 Mbps ) Port 8095 Server

File download speed is: 656 KB/sec

I get different results every time I try, even within a few seconds!

Can anyone please suggest a reliable speed tester?


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    1) What did O2 estimate your speed as?
    2) What does your router sync at?
    3) Download something like a linux live cd iso

    the average of these 3 is probably a good guide to your speed
  • 1) 11Mb
    2) Don't have a clue.... how do I find out?
    3) If you are asking if I use linux the answer is no.

    The average would still be pretty good, as one of them gave 88Mb.... ;)

    PS. O2 sent me a message saying that they had checked the speek and it was OK (it's a very new connection, a couple of weeks, before I was with Sky).
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    1. Will probably be around that much then
    2. go to http://o2wirelessbox.lan/cgi/b/bb/?be=0&l0=1&l1=-1 and look at the second number by Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]:

    UN: Administrator PW: the serial number on your o2 box (unless you changed this)
    3. No - what I am saying is to get a true test of how your line performs you can download a large file - and see what the average result of the download is over time try downloading this:
  • 1) Probably much less on wireless.
    2) Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]:1,334 / 9,946
    3) Oh I see.... :o Will do.
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    1. Well wireless runs at max 54mbps so it will make a difference but not much
    2. That says that your line is syncing with the exchange at just under 10mbit - your actual speed can be a little less to a little more than this

    It seems like you are getting an ok speed - though you should also consider if it is worth paying the extra for approx 2 mbit more speed
  • Hi, I do work in IT and having problems with VM BB. However, the best network test is here: http:// (It will require Java to run).
    Advantage of it over and others is that it provides in depth stats.
    And provides explanation with examples helping understanding jargon.
    I hope it will help
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