Combi Heating Thermostat help

Hi, Need some help despite how simplistic this may seem!

I have a digital controlled thermostat and im not sure how it works! I can set the heating to come at say 7.30am and go off at 9.30am but i dont understand why it requires 2 seperate temperatures?? So at 7.30am i programme 23 degrees then the heating will come on and maintain the house at that temp? Then why when its scheduled to go off does it need another temp?

Im totally confused, any help appreciated. OH just moved out and this was their job and its bad enough being miserable without being cold and miserable!! :(



  • brig001
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    Do you have make and model for it?

    Ours doesn't set on and off, it sets time and temperature. So you could set:
    7:30 23 degrees C for when you get up
    8:30 16 degrees C for when you go to work - stops house getting too cold
    16:00 22 degrees C for when you get back
    22:30 18 degrees C for when you go to bed

    Ours has five times/temperatures per day and yours may be similar, the manual would tell you and you could use google to find that.

  • lunagirl_2
    that sounds the same, its an ideal combi, not sure the model.

    So when you change it to when you go to work why do you set it lower temp - doesnt it just go off altogether?

    sorry i know this must seem obvious!
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    Once you understand what a thermostat does then its obvious but until then it sounds a bit strange. The thermostat is a temperature controlled switch - it measures the room temperature and compares it to the required temperature. If the room is cooler than required it turns the boiler on to generate heat - when the room gets up to or above the required temperature it turns the boiler off. What people often think is that the thermostat makes the boiler somehow make the house be at that temperature - but all a boiler does is heat water - if on a hot day the sun pushes the house up to 25C the boiler can't cool it down!

    Ours is basically set to run at 18C during the day and 14C at night, which means that all summer it never turns on because the house never drops below those temperatures. In terms of the answer given above, for most of the year running the thermostat at 16C will mean the heating is off while you are out, but on really cold days it will stop the house getting chilled. Arguably this is a waste of money since you aren't in to notice the house being cold, and it will have time to warm up again before you get home, but there are differing views on this and often the cost difference is quite small.
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  • lunagirl_2
    Ok, so if for the rest of the day the thermostat is set to 10 degrees, the heating will only come on if the temp drops below 10 degrees? then at say 5pm when im in from work i set it to 23 and it will come on as the house in winter will not be that temp.

    so if i keep it 23 in morning and evening and 10 all other times when im out it'll be off during the day unless we getting a really cold snap?
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