Haggled BT phone, broadband & v to £18.50

Just FYI for anyone whose BT contract is up for renewal, the day before our contract ran out, after refusing to negotiate before then, we haggled BT down to £18.50 - thats for the basic line rental & basic broadband (10 GB download limit - we only use 3gb) - with Vision minimal package thrown in for free. We know we can get better broadband for that - but dont need it and like having a free digital recorder.. so for us, this was a great deal.

To do it we gave them the details of what tiscali could do - made it clear we had properly worked out the average & said we were only interested in price. It worked! I do think leaving it to the last minute also put more pressure on the 'disconnection' team.

happy money saving!

now to start cutting the cost of our calls :)
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