Basil Infestation

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Help - my crop of basil has these little white things over it - they look like tiny white specks of dust and seem to burrow into the leaf, as in places the leaves have gone translucent. The smell of the plant has changed very slightly, it seems almost aniseedy now.
We used to get these from shop bought pots of basil but these plants are grown from seed.
Any help appreciated.


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    Sorry this isn't very technical - I can't find my herb book LOL. The white things are probably a type of worm, the best thing to do is cut off all infested leaves and only water the roots, don't get the leaves wet because if there are any worms left they'll get caught in the water droplets and drip down to other leaves.

    Hope that makes sense, I've only just woken up and my brains' still cloudy :D
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